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"I've worked with Melissa for almost a year now and I cannot believe the progress I've made. She motivates me in a way that is totally supportive and encouraging. Not only do we work on getting me in shape physically, but she helps me get to the root of what is causing the unhealthy behavior so I can maintain the positive changes I've achieved. When I first started with her, just running a mile was difficult and now I'm training for a half marathon; something I'm not sure I would have done on my own without her encouragement and guidance. It's hard sometimes to give up control and let someone else help you find a new path and to allow them to see your weaknesses; but the end results make it totally worth it!"-Jessica D.

"I have been working individually with Melissa for almost one year. I knew I needed to work on the "strength" area of my overall fitness and Melissa was recommended to me by my PT.  After meeting and takling with Melissa I knew I had made the right choice to begin working with her!  She is very professional, knowledgeable, very motivating and works hard to set up my individual program(s).  My overall fitness level has greatly improved since I began working with her.  The main reason I would recommend Melissa is that she diligently works wtih you to help you reach your goals!  She listens and cares about you and your health.  She celebrates your successes and is a constant "cheerleader" on the sidelines!  I am 65 years old adn have physically made some major fitness changes to my body by working consistently on the program(s) she developed for me personally!  Thank you, Melissa! I look forward to continuing to work with you and stay "fit" as I age! -Sandra P.

"Melissa’s training and Bootcamp class is changing my life – it sounds extreme but it’s true.  We are almost four months in and I’m a remarkable (and healthy) 20 pounds down.  However the biggest achievement is my rejuvenated state of mind.  I am happier, more confident, been called a role model and an inspiration; I feel powerful and I am strong!  Melissa’s support continues to propel me in the right direction. Bootcamp is a terrific and tough work out regardless of your fitness level, age or gender.  Melissa is a wonderful, personal, trainer. I will be a forever grateful client and wholeheartedly recommend her." -Ellen W. age 40

"Following an accident several years ago, that left me with numerous broken bones and a severe back injury, I was lucky enough to meet Melissa when finally returning to an exercise program.  The program she developed for me helped tremendously and I was able to get on with my life, including aerobics and dancing.  But eventually the back injury I suffered caused some arthritis and a physical therapist urged me to pursue Pilates training.  Melissa is an outstanding trainer.  I don't know who works harder--me doing the Pilates exercises or her incredible coaching through the intricacies.  She doesn't miss a thing!  The result of this fine training is a strong core which eliminates lower back, hip, and leg pain.  I constantly rave about Pilates and my wonderful, personable, inspirational, trainer."   -Judi S.  age 65


"I have been working with Melissa for almost five years, and she is my top choice when it comes to fitness, stretching and injury prevention.  She really researches her "craft" and is very serious about giving every client her utmost care and attention."    -Erica G.  age 49.



Hear what people are saying about Boot Camp for REAL People:

"As an avid runner, I started taking Melissa's class to add some variety to my training, and to help stay in condition after recovering from illness and injury. It exceed all my expectations. It's been rewarding to develop core and upper body strength that I never knew I was capable of. The supportive community that Melissa creates is transformational." Ryan 

"I love it! I feel strong, healthy and beautiful. I've worked out for years and years...biking, aerobics, step, weights, jogging...nothing compares to boot camp for results, strength....I just feel tighter."

"I really feel like I am doing something good for my body -- I feel better and am happier all day when I have come and I can see that my body is getting more toned."

"This program has met my expectations of pushing me to exercise beyond my preconceived notion of what I thought I could do, and has fueled me to exercise more frequently overall. I feel great after I attend Bootcamp - mentally and physically!"